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How is Samsung trying to help people watch TV on the move?

Samsung and Mobile TV

Currently, it's possible to pick up a digital TV signal while in motion, but that signal often breaks up. Samsung is proposing a slight change to current digital TV standards called A-VSB.

If the standard is adopted, as Samsung expects it to be, a tracking code will help keep a digital picture smooth and watchable while in motion. This could mean, for example, that each kid in the car could have his or her own portable Samsung television -- no more fighting over whether to watch SpongeBob or Scooby Doo.

What's next for Samsung TVs?

Newest Samsung TVs

If you're in the market for a Samsung, these are some things to look out for in 2007:

  • A 70-inch high-definition plasma TV for home-theater use
  • LED lighting sources to produce a wider color range and reduced startup times for LCD and DLP rear projection models.
  • Introduction of the company's first 1080p models, the highest resolution available
  • Expansion of the line of Samsung DLP televisions

What if I want a low-cost alternative to a small flat-panel TV?

Samsung DynaFlat TVs

DynaFlat is Samsung's low-cost alternative to a smaller-sized LCD TV for the kitchen, bedroom or office. Incorporating excellent sound in a pleasant silver case, the DynaFlat includes inputs for gaming systems or PCs.

A 20-inch DynaFlat is readily available for less than $200, making it possible to add TVs to your home that don't have to be the biggest, thinnest or most stunning. Reviewers encourage buyers of this line of Samsung televisions to make adjustments to the factory default settings, which are often "off."

What if I want a flat-panel TV on a budget?

Samsung SlimFit TVs

Even as they've been working to break new ground in plasma, LCD and DLP TVs, Samsung has brought a new advance to the nearly moribund field of traditional cathode-ray tube televisions.

The SlimFit television is a CRT that is about a third less bulky than an old-fashioned model. It can handle high-definition signals and accept HDMI input from games or high-def DVD players.

If you like the look of a flat-panel but not the price, these Samsung TV prices may be just the thing. SlimFit sets have certainly caught on with buyers, capturing an impressive share of the CRT market.

What would be a good choice for a Samsung LCD TV?

Samsung LCD TVs

Samsung LCD televisions include many smaller models designed for various kinds of household use. One very popular larger model is the LN-S4695D, a 46-inch set intended to be the centerpiece of household entertainment.

With a 6000:1 contrast ratio, there's no worry about black levels here. The set also includes a special game mode to bring out the best in game graphics. A built-in scaler converts all signals to 1080p, the highest resolution available.

It also includes a USB port so you can use your set to view photos or play media files from a flash drive or computer hard drive.

What is different about a Samsung plasma TV?

Samsung Plasma TVs

Samsung plasma TVs are among the largest and thinnest of those available on the market. The 63-inch HPN6339 is one of the biggest intended for home use.

Samsung TV reviews often glow with appreciation for the rich colors offered in these plasma models. The TV boasts the ability to show 16.7 million colors so there's no doubt the picture is fabulous! The TV also has a contrast ratio of 1200:1, which means a vivid viewing experience!

What kind of TV does the British royal family watch?

Fit for Royalty

Samsung, the Korean electronics maker, got a royal command recently: Supply 100 flat-screen TVs for Queen Elizabeth II and her court to watch at Buckingham Palace.

The order includes both LCD and plasma sets in varying sizes. There'll still be a few spots in the historic palace where you can't see a Samsung TV -- after all, the place has 775 rooms -- but the cash order was seen as a coup for Samsung, since the British royal family has previously relied television makers to lend or donate sets for their use.

What is different about a Samsung DLP projection TV?

Samsung DLP Projection TVs

A Samsung DLP projection TV is one of the most advanced brands on the market. Samsung starts by increasing the older three-panel color wheel to five, greatly enhancing the picture quality.

A next-generation micromirror chip from Texas Instruments provides faster motion and truer colors, while a "cinema mode" attempts to bring movie viewing closer to Hollywood standards and directors' intentions.

Despite the moving parts in a model like the HL-S5088W, the set is quiet, allowing the viewer to become wholly absorbed in the sound of a show.

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