The Promise of Digital Audio

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What's different about sound with HDTV?

The Promise of Digital Audio

Many HDTV buyers spend a lot of time comparing picture quality on various sets, but pay little or no attention to the quality of the sound. That's too bad, because high-definition television allows TV watchers to get a lot better sound quality than they've been used to in the past. Digital audio signals can carry more information, allowing for splitting of the signal to each speaker.

If you're looking for a great sound experience, one place to start is your DVD player. Sure, there are inexpensive players available, but audiophiles will find it worth the extra money to get one with good sound quality.

Your speaker setup will depend on your tastes and the shape of your room. Freestanding speakers allow the greatest flexibility in fine-tuning your sound quality, while in-wall speakers save space. Some audiophiles want to show off their speakers, while others would rather not see them at all.



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