Installing Your HDTV

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How do I set up my HDTV?

Installing Your HDTV

Installation of a high definition TV may seem daunting at first, especially to those who haven't messed with the wires behind the entertainment center since they bought that DVD player three Christmases ago.

Here's your first decision: Do you want to be able to hear audio signals through your stereo system, or are you OK with using the speakers on your HDTV?
The second option is simpler but often of lower quality.

The next decision is: Where are you going to put the TV? This may not seem as obvious as it looks at first. Optimal viewing ranges for HDTV sets are two to three times the diagonal screen size. So for a 42-inch set, you'll want to sit about seven feet away. HDTV broadcasts are also easily washed out by other light sources, so you'll want to make it easy to close blinds and dim room lights.

Finally, if you're upgrading from an older TV set, you may find that other parts of your setup -- your cable box, stereo and furniture -- may need to be updated, as well.

Once you've got all your parts in place, begin by connecting the HDTV and any outside audio source to your cable or satellite receiver. Follow the setup instructions for your cable box to match its resolution to the one on your TV.

Then follow the instructions for your HDTV to get it set up for use. Enjoy!



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