Help! It Doesn't Look Any Different!

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Why can't I see the great quality I saw in the store?

Help! It Doesn't Look Any Different!

There are a number of issues that can reduce the quality of an HDTV picture. If you're not seeing the same crisp, clear images you saw in the store, start by checking out these potential problems:

  • The top resolution broadcasters are currently using is 1080i (for "interlaced"). Some low-cost signal processors use a cheaper method of interpreting those pictures, which cuts down on image quality.
  • Most television programs are filmed and broadcast at 24 frames per second. Your HDTV is capable of displaying 60 frames per second. Cheaper signal processors may use an inadequate method of compensating for the difference, again eroding image quality.
  • Your cable or satellite box may not be capable of processing HDTV signals. Check with your provider.
  • The broadcast you are trying to watch may not be an HDTV signal.
  • Your cable box and your television may not be properly set up to communicate with one another.
If all else fails, consider a return to another era: Many broadcast stations are available as high definition signals over the air, if you connect an outside antenna.



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