HDTV Accessories

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What are some useful add-ons for my HDTV?

HDTV Accessories

Great, you've got a high-definition television! If you don't want to stop there, consider some of these add-ons:

  • HD DVR: Many digital video recorders are not capable of recording high-definition programming at full quality. If you want to save those episodes of 24 at the highest possible resolution, you'll need one of these.
  • "Upscaling" DVD player: These take ordinary pictures and convert them to higher quality for output on your HDTV.
  • Universal remote: If your family members are complaining about the array of remote controls needed to put on, say, a SpongeBob video, try condensing everything into one.
  • Calibration DVDs: These are the test images the pros use to get the best picture quality out of their installations. You can use them to tweak your own system for the best picture you can get.



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