How Big a TV Do You Need?

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How big a TV should I get?

How Big a TV Do You Need?

The best TV to buy is the one that fits your lifestyle. Deciding how big a TV to get involves three main considerations:

Budget,of course. Getting a bigger TV generally means spending more or sacrificing quality.

Available space and configuration. If your living room is a rectangle, the optimum TV size will depend on whether the set will be along the long wall or the short wall. A TV that is too big can overwhelm a small room; too small a TV can be hard to see in a large one.

Your TV-watching style. For some viewers, size is vital -- they get totally absorbed and don't want to miss a single nuance of a movie set or a drop of sweat from a quarterback's brow. They want the biggest screen they can cram into the room. For others, TV is background noise or a source of information rather than an all-consuming experience and they'd rather have a more balanced room that reflects some of their other interests, as well as TV. (Often, these two kinds of people marry each other, leading to interesting discussions in the TV store. It may be worth setting a budget and reaching a consensus with your partner before you go shopping.)



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