Who's Going to Hook Up All Those Wires?

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I don't want to install my TV myself. What can I do?

Who's Going to Hook Up All Those Wires?

After you buy a TV comes the challenge of installing it. Gone are the days when you could just plug it in and put the antenna on top! Your television's user manual will give you the information you need to get it hooked up properly to your cable, DVD and audio systems.

If that last sentence sounded scary, or if you just don't want to be bothered, you can hire professional installers to hook everything up for you. They may also be able to handle challenges such as wall-mounting your new TV and concealing wires and speakers. Your TV store may have an installation team on staff or be able to recommend one.

The in-between option, of course, is to find an electronics-minded friend or relative who's willing to do the job in exchange for help with something you do well -- even if that's just buying beer or pizza.



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