Measure and Plan

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How much planning should I do before I buy a flat panel TV?

Measure and Plan

Your flat panel TV will be part of your life for years to come. Before you bring home the new "baby," figure out where it will sit and what furniture it will need. This is especially important if you're wall-mounting the TV, which will require some real repairs if you change your mind later.

It may not be enough to plunk the new TV down where the old one went. For one thing, you'll want to consider the proper viewing distance for your new screen -- a decision that may affect what size TV you buy.

Some people will decide to make their new flat screen TV the center of a home theater, redesigning a room for the maximum entertainment value. Others will be drawn to flat panel TVs because they can free up room for furniture, hobbies or storage. Only you can decide what the purpose of your TV is, and where it will best live in your house.



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