Choosing a Plasma TV Installer

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What should I look for in a plasma TV installer?

Choosing a Plasma TV Installer

Picture it: You've bought your great new LG plasma TV, loaded it up into the back of the car and you're on your way home. Then something goes wrong. Maybe you get tangled in that big mass of cords in the living room. Maybe you simply can't get sound to come out of those rear speakers. Or, worst of all, maybe your brother-in-law drops the TV.

If you'd rather enjoy your TV than spend time installing it -- or if you don't trust your brother-in-law's electronics skills -- consider hiring a professional installation company.

A good installer will go over available plasma TV stands and wall mounts to be sure your TV is positioned correctly on equipment designed to look good and support it reliably. The company will also integrate related systems (sound, DVD, gaming, PC, maybe even lighting and blinds), tuck cables neatly away and even program your remote control.

Ask for an installer who is insured and bonded and ask for references from previous clients. Especially for high-end systems, you may want to look for an installer certified by the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA).



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