Hooking Up Your Plasma TV

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What do I need to know to hook up my own plasma TV?

Hooking Up Your Plasma TV

If you're hooking up your own plasma TV -- which is fine, if you're reasonably good at reading a manual and don't mind spending some time crawling around the living room floor -- here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Extra cable length just adds to the clutter in your setup. Try to leave a foot or two of slack, but no more.
  • If a cable is too short, don't try to force it. Get a cable that's the right length.
  • Try to keep A/V cables (the ones that feed audio signals into the TV) away from power cords. Putting them too close can cause electromagnetic interference with your signals. If they have to cross, put them at right angles to minimize interference.
  • If you have excess cable, don't loop it. Instead, arrange it in a figure 8 to minimize static.



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