Choosing a Proper Wall Mount

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What kind of mount do I need for my flat panel TV?

Choosing a Proper Wall Mount

There are a few things to consider in mounting flat panel TVs. First, make sure that you check the mounting holes on the back of your TV. Also, be sure you know the dimensions and weight of your set before purchasing your wall mount.

Consider the mounting distance. Do you want your TV as close to the wall as possible? Would you like it to swivel or tilt, or would you rather have an extension so you can move the TV further into the room? Tip: Mounts for flat panel TVs come in several varieties:

Fixed: This is the type of bracket that will mount flat panel TVs immovably to the wall and is also the mount most used for "flush" mounting.

Swing Mounts: These mounts are adjustable allowing for more versatility. This mount can be near flush with the wall or extended into the room, plus it allows for rotation of the TV.

Tilt and Pan mounts: Tilt and pan mounts allow for even greater motion than swing mounts. The range is from near flush to the wall to about 20 inches into the room! Some of these mounts are also allow for swiveling the TV.

Tilting Mounts: Tilting mounts hold the TV about 3 inches from the wall and allow you to tilt the TV. This is the most common type of mount.



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