Hang It Up

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What are the last steps before I hang my TV?

Hang It Up

When your wall mount is securely in place and level, in exactly the spot where you want it, now is the time to pick up your TV and hang it. Right?

Wait. LCD or plasma TV installation isn't supposed to be a 15-minute job. Before you go too fast, here are a couple of things to do first:

  • Flat panel TVs are lighter than you may be used to, but they're not loaves of bread. Protect your back by getting a second person to help you lift.
  • Before the TV goes up on the wall, write down the serial number from the back, preferably in your TV manual so you'll have it for rebates and in case anything goes wrong.
  • Have all your cables ready, and make sure they reach comfortably between the places they're supposed to go. If you have a complex setup, it may be helpful to label the cables.
  • Put a surge protector in place to protect your expensive electronics, and plug all components into it.
  • If you haven't already done so, cut the power to this part of the building to avoid potential problems.



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