LCD Projection TVs

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How are LCD projection TVs different from LCD flat screens?

LCD Projection TVs

An LCD rear projection TV sends signals to three small, high-intensity lamps (red, blue and green) then illuminates them from behind to produce pictures of often eye-popping quality.

Still thicker than flat-screen TVs -- a 55-inch display might be 20 inches thick -- LCD rear projection televisions are a less expensive way to get the big, bright pictures you crave. They're also ready for high-definition programming and easily adapt for use as PC screens.

The only downsides are that some LCD models have difficulty displaying true blacks, and others have what is known as a "screen door effect" -- a faintly visible grid on the screen, especially when sitting close to it. As with any TV purchase, you'll want to make a decision based on what looks good to you.



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