Sony Projection TVs

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Why should I consider a Sony projection TV?

Sony Projection TVs calls Sony's Grand WEGA KDS-60A2000 the "best LCoS TV," while Ultimate AV magazine names the Sony Qualia 006 an "ultimate choice." There's no doubt that Sony projection TVs have a distinct edge in the rear-projection market.

Of course, there's a price for that edge. The Qualia 006 costs approximately $10,000.

The Qualia 006 also boasts a production of more than 2 million pixels and the highest resolution in HDTV possible. It just might make the Super Bowl look better, even if your favorite team isn't playing this year.

If you're one of those have-it-all types, the feature sets -- deep blacks, stunning resolution, wide-ranging picture controls -- on Sony's projection TVs will wow you. Just be sure you have the wallet to match.



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