TV Frequently Asked Questions

What is an HDTV monitor?

How is "widescreen" different from the TV I'm used to?

What's different about sound with HDTV?

What is a home theater?

How do I set up my HDTV?

Why can't I see the great quality I saw in the store?

What are some useful add-ons for my HDTV?

What are the basic types of TVs I can buy?

How big a TV should I get?

How can I tell what resolution will look best?

What is an aspect ratio?

Do I have to buy an audio system to go with my TV?

I don't want to install my TV myself. What can I do?

What are some things I might need to include in my TV budget?

Who invented the television?

How did television develop into an industry?

How did cable television come into popularity?

How have television sets changed?

Where did "reality TV" come from?

What effect has TV had on American politics?

What is HDTV?

What are the next big things in television?

What are some of the advantages of flat panel TVs?

Why might I consider NOT buying a flat screen TV?

Why might I not want to buy the cheapest TV available?

Should I get plasma or LCD?

How can I find out which models have the best pictures?

How much planning should I do before I buy a flat panel TV?

What else will become part of my home entertainment system

How do plasma TVs work?

Why should I consider buying a plasma TV?

What if my picture looks different when I get my TV home?

plasma television reviews, plasma TV,

Is altitude an issue with plasma TVs?

What is the largest plasma TV I can buy?

What should I look for in a plasma TV installer?

What do I need to know to hook up my own plasma TV?

What kind of mount do I need for my flat panel TV?

What do I need to install a TV?

What sort of precautions should I take for a safe and sturdy wall mount?

How can I attach a wall mount to a flat panel TV?

How can I be sure my wall mount is in the sturdiest place?

How can I make sure my TV is level?

How can I hide the cords?

What are the last steps before I hang my TV?

Can I try to fix my own TV?

What's the first thing I should check if my picture is bad?

How can I maintain my flat-screen TV?

Can I replace the lamp on a projection TV myself?

What are some troubleshooting steps I can take if my TV picture is bad?

What are some common troubleshooting tips for TV audio?

What settings are important in calibrating my new TV?

When is an extended warranty worth buying

Why is the Aquos line special?

How did Sharp make a 108" TV?

What's new in the Aquos line?

What about buyers who want good quality at a lower price?

What if I want a Sharp LCD TV but don't want to spring for an Aquos?

What might be a good choice if I primarily use my TV for gaming?

What are some pros and cons of the Sharp D62U line?

Which TVs have the lowest power consumption?

What are some of the pros and cons of Hitachi TVs?

What are some of the advantages of Mitsubishi TVs?

What do I need to know about Panasonic TVs?

What are the main points of Sylvania TVs?

Should I consider an LG TV?

What's great about Pioneer TVs?

Should I consider a Zenith TV?

What kind of TV does the British royal family watch?

What is different about a Samsung plasma TV?

What would be a good choice for a Samsung LCD TV?

What is different about a Samsung DLP projection TV?

What if I want a flat-panel TV on a budget?

What if I want a low-cost alternative to a small flat-panel TV?

What's next for Samsung TVs?

How is Samsung trying to help people watch TV on the move?

How do rear projection televisions work?

Would a CRT rear projection TV be a good buy?

How are LCD projection TVs different from LCD flat screens?

What are DLP rear projection TVs?

Should I consider an LCoS rear projection TV?

How can I evaluate a projection TV?

Why should I consider a rear projection TV?

What are some of the limitations of rear projection TVs?

How do LCD TVs work?

Why might I choose an LCD TV?

Where do people put LCD TVs in their houses?

How can I get the best possible picture from my TV?

Why might I want to buy an LCD TV?

What are some issues that might come up with LCD TVs?

What are the biggest LCD TVs?

How do I clean my LCD TV?

What kind of LCD TVs does Sony make?

Does Sony make plasma TVs?

Why should I consider a Sony projection TV?

What if I want to use several TVs in the same house without running miles of cable?

Does Sony's 1080p line live up to expectations?

How is the audio on Sony TVs?

What's next for Sony TVs?

What is different about the way Sony TVs look?

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