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What might be a good choice if I primarily use my TV for gaming?

Just for Gamers

Some of the biggest fans of high-quality televisions have been the people who play video games on console systems. Sharp has introduced a new line of televisions catering specifically to this market, with features to enhance gaming experiences.

The AQUOS 32GP1U is a Sharp 32-inch LCD TV that's capable of the highest possible definition of display (1080p), a "game mode" that optimizes the TV's settings for game play and side-placed terminals for easy access to plug in game consoles.

The set, also available in a 37-inch version, claims a viewing angle of 176 degrees, allowing for multiple-player games in a room without loss of viewing quality.

What if I want a Sharp LCD TV but don't want to spring for an Aquos?

Sharp's Enhanced Definition TVs

"Look," you may be saying, "I just want a TV, OK? I don't want to play Xbox 360 on it or build a home theater or impress my geeky friends with my contrast ratios. I just want to spend as little as possible so I can catch the weather forecast or maybe watch a DVD with the kids."

Sharp's enhanced definition TVs may be a good choice. EDTV is a step between standard definition and high-def, so if you're upgrading from an older TV you'll see a pleasing difference in picture quality.

These Sharp flat screen TVs are available in sizes as small as 13 inches and fit easily into small spaces like kitchens, bedrooms, offices and workshops. And their prices put them within reach for almost anyone.

How did Sharp make a 108" TV?

That 108-Inch TV? How'd They Do That?

The title of "biggest television" has gone to plasma TVs for years. So when a 108-inch Sharp TV -- an LCD TV, not plasma -- showed up at a trade show, the tech world took notice.

It used to be prohibitively expensive to produce very large LCD TVs. Sharp's "8th generation" factory in Japan has a production line that focuses entirely on large-screen AQUOS units.

This has helped to bring down the cost of production, partly through advanced energy conservation and partly through use of the world's largest glass substrates. A single piece of “motherglass” will yield eight 46-inch panels or six 52-inch panels for Sharp flat panel TVs.

What are some pros and cons of the Sharp D62U line?

The D62U Series

Sharp's D62U series came out late in 2006, winning raves from reviewers for its sharp blacks and high resolution, but also garnering some complaints about irregular color bands across the screen.

These Sharp AQUOS televisions were the first new line to come off the company's manufacturing plant in Kameyama, Japan. They were the first Sharp TVs to come in the "piano black" finish, which has proven popular among consumers.

If you buy one of these TVs, expect to spend some time with the picture settings, calibrating them to look right for your environment and tastes.

What about buyers who want good quality at a lower price?

The D43U Series

This series of Sharp LCD televisions represents the company's efforts to bring great quality TV into an affordable package.

While the AQUOS D43U series won't appeal to those who have to have the brightest, best new thing, they'll most likely be popular with buyers who want an eye-popping picture, but don't need game-playing capabilities or high-end video options.

Suggested prices start at $1,099 for the 26-inch model, which is likely to go lower once competing retailers start trying to outdo one another.

What's new in the Aquos line?

The D92U Series

Sharp brand televisions have a reputation for innovation -- they even won an Emmy for it, back in 2004 -- and the D92U series, announced early in 2007, is another step in that journey.

Sharp claims industry-standard pixel response time and contrast ratios for these sets. In addition, all the models can display 1080p input -- the highest resolution available. This is of special interest to high-def videophiles and gamers, but ultimately yields a better picture for everyone.

Why is the Aquos line special?

Sharp's Aquos Line

In the late 1990s, Sharp television makers set out to conquer the LCD TV market. They did it, and continue to dominate with the AQUOS line of high-quality, high-definition models.

Reviewers consistently praise the Sharp AQUOS televisions, citing high-performance video processing, wide viewing angles and excellent blacks. Many also recommend adjusting the factory default settings, such as turning down a bright backlight, to get the best possible picture.

Which TVs have the lowest power consumption?

Power Usage and the Sharp TV

If you love great TV quality but are concerned about the planet (or just your electric bill) a Sharp TV may be the right choice for you.

CNet compared power consumption for a variety of TVs. A Sharp 20-inch LCD TV topped the lot, costing about $13 a year to run.

Besides keeping your consumption down, Sharp has put a great deal of thought into electricity conservation in its TV manufacturing. Its newest plant gets about a third of its power from renewable sources, such as solar power and fuel cells.

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