Sharp's Enhanced Definition TVs

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What if I want a Sharp LCD TV but don't want to spring for an Aquos?

Sharp's Enhanced Definition TVs

"Look," you may be saying, "I just want a TV, OK? I don't want to play Xbox 360 on it or build a home theater or impress my geeky friends with my contrast ratios. I just want to spend as little as possible so I can catch the weather forecast or maybe watch a DVD with the kids."

Sharp's enhanced definition TVs may be a good choice. EDTV is a step between standard definition and high-def, so if you're upgrading from an older TV you'll see a pleasing difference in picture quality.

These Sharp flat screen TVs are available in sizes as small as 13 inches and fit easily into small spaces like kitchens, bedrooms, offices and workshops. And their prices put them within reach for almost anyone.



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